Armed Blackfish Basics

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
This guide includes both the pilot and gunner section for the use of the blackfoot.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server

Basic information
As the blackfish, the whale, your objective is to provide CAS and support squads on the
ground, or go in on your own and rip them a new hole. The blackfish is not only heavily
armoured able to take a pounding and a half, but quite swift as well, combining the helicopter
and plane mode allows you to pull of some amazing maneuvers.

The most effective use of the blackfish is achieved by circling around the mission, constantly
pointing the guns on the left side towards the baddies.

The blackfish also has an active radar system of 4 km for ground targets and 7 km for air
targets. The radar has a wide 240 degree cone. The radar can be brought up with ‘[‘ or ‘]’ and
activated by the pilot with ‘Ctrl + R’. You can select targets using ‘R’ for next target and ‘T’ for
the target you are looking at.

Pilot Basics Controls for the piloting of the aircraft are by default as follows: W and S control the pitch of
the aircraft (nose up and nose down). A and D control the roll of the aircraft (turning to the
side). Q and E control the yaw of the aircraft (spinning vertically). Shift and Z are used for
controlling the throttle (faster and slower). You can turn of auto-vectoring in the scroll menu,
and then manually change the angle of the rotors by using ‘Ctrl + scroll wheel’. C is for flares.
X is for air brakes The rest can be found in your scroll wheel.

Gunner Basics
As the gunner you have 2 seats, each have access to weapons.

Ranging can be done by clicking T at the desired target, or designating it on radar, make sure
your weaponry is ranged in before firing, as not to waste ammo. Thermals can be accessed
by clicking N, cycle through normal, night vision and thermals to make it easiest for you to

The Arma food chain describes the targets you should take out first. It goes as follows: Jets
first, then gunships, then AA and MANPADS, then armour, then infantry and transports.


Flight Paths for base

You will be spawned near the blackfishes, at the south part of the base, there will be a bobcat
and an arsenal near your spawn as well for resupplying.

The pilot can request and end missions for your squad using the feature in the scroll wheel.
You can also support infantry squads, but they have to request you using their scroll wheel.
Once attached you can go over to their AO and help them out, you’ll also be able to hear their
group comms. Once done helping, that squad can detach you or you can detach yourself
using the ‘End support’ button.

‘RTB and revive if needed’ is for when the blackfish goes down or you have to leave the
blackfish far from base. This will send you back to the blackfish spawn and heal you, in case
you were incapacitated.

Communication is key, communicate what you need with each other, like the gunner can’t fire
from this range, tell your pilot. Also communicate with boots on the ground and friendly CAS
to keep your skies clean, and take out MANPADS.

Check ammo regularly, as a pilot, ask your gunners how much they have left, bloodlust can
be blinding sometimes.

As a pilot make sure that your gunners have visual on the target, move the ship accordingly.
Keep an eye on the radar, new threats may appear unexpectedly, for instance AA missiles.

Know the armour of targets, don’t engage an MBT unless that is your only target. Infantry to
medium armour are the targets you’re most effective for.

Keep the altitude high when circling, but don’t overdo it. 100-300 meters above the ground will
do you fine. Stay alert so you can drop lower and use the terrain as cover to protect yourself
from AA, do this in helicopter mode.