Artillery Operator Basics

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic information
Your job is to provide support via artillery, taking out targets, and keeping the skies clean
using AA.

As the artillery operator, you have access to the M4 Scorcher, heavy artillery, IFV-6a Cheetah,
anti-air tank and the M5 Sandstorm, MLRS. There is one of each, and an extra Cheetah,
manned by AI, in case that there are bandits attacking base while no artillery operator is on.

The different types of artillery have different uses:

To fire the artillery, get in the gunner seat and open the ‘Artillery computer’ from the scroll
wheel. Select the desired range and ammunition on the right side, click on where you want to
shoot on the map. And click the big red fire button on the right side.

Arma Everything can be found within the walls where spawn, the Cheetah on the south side, the
M4 and M5 on the west side.

You can support infantry squads, but they have to request you using their scroll wheel. Once
attached you can fire round to their AO and help them out, you’ll also be able to hear their
group comms. Once done helping, that squad can detach you or you can detach yourself
using the ‘End support’ button.

Repairing and rearming of the Artillery can be done at the bobcats. From the gunner seat of
the artillery and the option to refuel, repair or rearm should appear. If it doesn’t, get inside the
bobcat and move it back and forth a bit, then get back in the gunner seat of the artillery piece
and try again.

Use smoke shells often, this is a great utility, but sadly underused.

Notify your squad when time to splash is 20, 10, 5 seconds. You can do this by saying ‘T -
splash is X seconds’. Notify your squad when the ordered strikes are complete by saying
‘Rounds Complete’.

Multiple shells on the same spot are usually not that effective. Instead, fire at a zone, and
move your marker after every shell or rocket.