Anti Tank Basics

You should always try to carry 3 rockets.
Lets face it, sometimes we miss the target.

Whatever gun you choose, you should be able to carry 500 or more rounds.
You will still have to shoot Enemy Infantry

Selecting an RPG
The Titans are great for large scale open area conflict. You must have a lock or line of sight at all
times on the target. This makes you vulnerable in urban Ops or tight areas.

I prefer for non open areas to use a fire and forget RPG like an Alamut or RPG-7 or MAWS.

Using an RPG
To pull up your launcher
Press 3 on your keyboard

To open the optics on your launcher
Right Click

If you use a PCML or Titan Launcher you can fire without lock but must keep cross air on the

To lock on to a target using the launchers optics, if they have targeting capabilities
Press T on your Keyboard