Basic Movement Tactics

Do not Lone Wolf, ever! This isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield, where getting the most kills matters.
You are more liked and better remembered because you supported your squad and stuck
together to create an immersive tactical experience in every mission.
No one looks at the scoreboard, and most of the asses don't even know there is one, and yet still
play like kills matter.
Not dying matters, that's it. If your dead, your squad suffers, if let your squad die, they suffer.
Your job no matter your role, is make sure your squad doesn't Die!

Don't try to be the first guy in the house or the room. This mentality always leads to you rushing
to get passed your mates and to get the kill, and instead because you were rushing your dead.
They get the kill and you look like an ass.

Always know where your squad leader is.
He is the guy with a Hexagon around him with double chevrons.

If there are no squad members in front of you, then that means they are behind you.
Crouch so they can see and fire over or near you.
Don't stand up without confirming where they are.

Use left ALT to free look.

Always crouch and fire from cover. Never fire standing up, you are probably not going to hit your

If you clear a house, open up map, double click on the house, when the message window pops
up to place marker, just hit ok. This will place a black dot.

Depending on you role, you may need unique firing positions, so like Marksman, AT, Pilot, etc.
Place a marker on the map, with like, “OW?” as the name and then ASK if thats ok. Don't just go
there, you don't know what squad leaders plans are.

If your squad/team mate gets incapacitated, kill the guy who incapacitated them, then drag them
to safety for a medic to heal them.

When to use Smoke
All smoke lags players game so be kind, don't use it unless you need to. Ask your squad leader if
you can pop smoke first.

Only white smoke prevents the enemy from seeing you.

When your squad is getting hammered by infantry or vehicles pop White smoke between you,
your mates, and the enemy, then retreat to safety.

Use blue smoke to mark Landing Zone for vehicles. Only squad leaders should do this.

Use green smoke to let others know that friendlies are in this area.

Use red smoke to request danger close Fire Missions from CAS. Expect to probably die too.