Blackfoot Squad Guide

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
This guide includes both the pilot and gunner section for the use of the blackfoot.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic information
As the blackfoot squad, you are a menace to all of the infantry and unarmoured vehicles.
You main job is thinning out the infantry and take out technicals, you can take out light
armoured vehicles with a missle or two, but keep in mind, most APC’s will have the power
to harm your aircraft.

The radar can be brought up with ‘[‘ or ‘]’ and activated by the pilot with ‘Ctrl + R’. The radar
has a range of 5 km. You can select targets using ‘R’ for next target and ‘T’ for the target you
are looking at.

Pilot Basics
The blackfoot is pretty mobile, use this to come out of nowhere when gunning down, or
getting out of a bad situation.

Controls for the piloting of the aircraft are by default as follows: W and S control the pitch of
the aircraft (nose up and nose down). A and D control the roll of the aircraft (turning to the
side). Q and E control the yaw of the aircraft (spinning vertically). Shift and Z are used for
controlling the throttle (going up and down). C is for flares. X is for auto hover. The rest can
be found in your scroll wheel.

Gunner Basics:
As the gunner you shoot the baddies, you can access your camera using the right mouse
button (default settings). You can cycle through regular, night and thermal vision using N and
zoom in and out using numpad + and -.

As the blackfoot gunner you have access to a beautiful arsenal of death, destruction and
disintegration. They can selected with the numbers 1, 3 and 4 at the top of your keyboard.
Here’s the weapons and how to use them: Arma

Flight Paths for base

The blackfoot can be found in the helicopter spawn area, look for it on the map, it’s not far
from where you spawn.

Repairing, refueling and rearming of the helicopter can be done at one of the repair pads,
near the helicopter spawn, or at the bobcats. Fly onto a repair pad, the one with the three
HEMTT’s around it, land there and look at the trucks to repair and rearm the chopper from the
chopper. You can also move the bobcats by getting into the driver's seat. Drive the bobcat in
front of the helicopter, than go in the helicopter and the option to refuel, repair or rearm should

‘RTB and revive if needed’ will send you back to base and revive you in case you were
incapacitated. Use this if you got shot down or are far from base without the means of getting

Pilot Arma

You have the ability to ‘Request/End mission’ this will spawn in a mission if you don't have
any, or end the mission you have.

A squad can request your support, when attached the squad name will turn white in the
bottom left of your screen, and you will be able to hear group comms. When done supporting
you can detach yourself from the squad by clicking the ‘End support’ button in your scroll


Communication is key, communicate with each other on what is going and what you need,
like the gunner needs to turn left, and communicate with CAS and ground forces to take out
threats to you and the squad you are supporting. Also use CAS to take out the targets you
cannot penetrate, like MBT’s.

Keep an eye on the helicopter fuel and ammo, make sure you can still defend yourself on the
way back to resupply.

Keep an eye on the radar, especially as pilot, watch out for missiles, and use flares and
unpredictable movement to dodge them.

Pilot tips:
When there are still active contacts you shouldn’t hover, so do gun runs and strafe and
always stay moving, rule of thumb: do gun runs at about 50-150 meters of altitude.

Instead of offensively, you could use your gunship to reroute enemy forces, deny them an
area and push enemies to ambush sites.

You are best suited to clear outpost and towns and shred infantry overall, so don’t try to go for
armoured targets as this will most likely be your death.

If any threat, like AA or Jets appears, your best bet is to move fast, low to the ground, popping
flares and weaving around objects.

As a pilot you have access to the landing camera (Ctrl + Right mouse button), this camera
has thermals and night vision, making it a great spotting camera to help your gunner out
when he can’t find his targets.

Leave the base flying towards the north east and approach the base from the south east.
This is to prevent trouble with the fixed wing aircraft.

The Arma food chain describes the targets you should take out first. It goes as follows: Jets
first, then gunships, then AA and MANPADS, then armour, then infantry and transports.

Gunner tips:
If you have good sight on the infantry you are firing it, try to check for launchers on their
backs, prioritise them, as they are the ones that can shoot you down. Not just Titan AA can
shoot you down, skilled infantry might be able to get a hit on your with any launcher.