Combat LifeSaver Basics

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic Information
You must have a Medkit in your inventory to revive players.

You don't have to have First Aid Kits but it's helpful so you can give them to players when they
run out on the battlefield.

First Aid Kits are usable by anyone with minor injuries. Saves you time on the field. Try to make
sure others have them.

You should always carry white smoke to cover you and the injured. 10 white smokes is advised.

Arma information
You can heal your self when you are incapacitated by hitting space bar when you see the “Heal
Self” option on screen or by using your scroll wheel and selecting the “Heal Self” option from

You can treat civilians and get points for it you when you look at them and get the option “......”.
But this features requires you have First Aid Kits and costs 1 FAK every time you use it.

Pro Tips
If you want to revive/heal/treat someone make sure it is clear before you approach them.

Ask others to drag injured to you if there is a lot of gun fire.

Use smoke if you have to get to the injured during a fire fight so that you cover your approach,
healing, and the injured when they get up.

Hang out behind other members of your squad and engage targets they may not see.

Try not to be in the front. If you go down then the squad suffers and struggles to make sure its
safe to get you up.

When you run out of white smoke let the squad know to loot bodies. Same for First Aid Kits.