Engineer Basics

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic information
As an engineer, you are the repair and explosives specialist.

You should always carry a toolkit as an engineer, also handy is a mine detector and multiple
explosives, depending on the mission.

With your toolkit you are able to repair damaged vehicles, you can do this by approaching the
vehicle from the outside, if possible, the ‘Repair vehicle’ should appear in your scroll wheel.
Repair quickly, as a damaged fuel tank could result in fuel leaking out. The vehicles will not be
fully healed, but they will be able to move again.

The mine detector will allow you to scan an area of 15 meters around you for mines, IEDs,
UXO and other kinds of explosives. You can bring up the mine detector by clicking [ or ]
multiple times until it shows up. When approaching an explosive, you will see a red faint
marker appear on your mine detector, and you will start to hear beeping, use the beeping and
marker to find the explosive, but don't get too close, when found, look at the explosive and
click T, this will mark the explosive for the rest of your team.

Placing down explosives is also triggered from the scroll wheel, when explosives are planted,
you can detonate them remotely using ‘Touch of x bombs’, or look at the desired explosive
and setting a timer.

Arma information
As an engineer you have the ability to use the explosive charges as breaching charges on
doors. Only the explosive charges work, and they have to be in your backpack. To place
down a breaching charge walk over to the door you wish to breach, and click the ‘Place
breaching charge’ option in your scroll wheel. When the breaching charge is placed, the
option ‘Detonate breaching charge’ will appear in the scroll wheel menu. Tips
When breaching, coordinate with your team who runs in first, second and third, and where
they will go. This will allow for easier capture or kill of enemies and makes the most efficient
use of the stun time of the breaching charge.

Do not leave mines, IED and UXO laying around after you’ve defused them, take them with
you, so that they can be disposed of safely.

Change your explosives depending on your objective, And don’t go for too much overkill. Use
AT mines for armoured targets, anti-personnel mines against infantry, explosive charges and
satchels for demolition, and claymores and tripwire mines for guarding entryways, etc.

Take point when patrolling a town, so that you are the first one to see IEDs.