Squad Leader Basics (SL)

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic information
As squad leader, your job is to manage the squad in tasks, positioning and supplies.

A laser designator and coloured smoke grenades are advised as an SL, to mark targets and

As a SL, you are the only one in the squad whose hexagon will have double chevrons (looks
like ^).

Arma information
The squad leader is able to request missions and end them via the scroll wheel, under

The squad leader is able to teleport the squad both to AO and to base, also under the
‘---Squadleader---’ section in the scroll wheel. Do keep in mind, that when you're already in
the AO and click ‘Teleport squad to AO’ all squad members outside of the AO will be moved
to your position. Same goes for ‘Teleport squad to base’

The squad leader has access to ‘squad perks’, these consist of 4 land vehicles and 2 boats,
the points next to them are the minimum required squad points to request this vehicle.
Spawning in vehicles does not cost any points. (The total squad points can be found
under ‘Server Roster’, at the bottom of the scroll wheel.)
The SL is able to request support in the ‘---Squadleader---’ section of the scroll wheel menu.
You can request CAS (Jets, Gunships), UAV (Drones) and Artillery.

Being in the SL role allows you access to the command channel. Use it to Coordinate with
other squads for joint ops.

If the double chevrons appear on someone else while you are squad lead, use the stuck
option to fix your role.

Keep an eye on the objective, and after every firefight, make sure that the squad has ammo,
by calling out ‘Anyone red on ammo?’

Coordinate with your medics to keep the squad alive, give your medics time to check up on

Keep the squad spaced out, so that explosions cannot take out more than 2 people, the
average spacing distance is 10 meters.

If your squad gets too distant callout ‘rally on me’, and your squad will regroup on you.