Squad Pilot Basics

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic information
As a helicopter pilot, you manage the squad logistics and transport, you fly them, and
possibly their ammo or their vehicle in.

As a pilot you have multiple helicopters to choose from, these are:

Controls for the piloting of the aircraft are by default as follows: W and S control the pitch of
the aircraft (nose up and nose down). A and D control the roll of the aircraft (turning to the
side). Q and E control the yaw of the aircraft (spinning vertically). Shift and Z are used for
controlling the throttle (going up and down). C is for flares. B is to hook cargo (use [ or ] to
bring up the towing assistant screen). X is for auto hover. The rest can be found in your scroll

For landing of troops or supplies at missions, your squad lead will mark an LZ for you.
Remind him to do, if he forgets. Good LZ’s are well covered flat surfaces, like behind a hill,
forest, or buildings. Do give yourself enough space with LZ’s, otherwise your rotor might get
damaged while landing.


Flight Paths for base

Helicopters can be found at the center of the base, they are marked on map, helicopters will
respawn when they are destroyed or abandoned for a long time.

If you have to get back to base to get a new helicopter, get an ammo crate, or have to pick
someone up at base, while you are out on a mission, use the ‘RTB and revive if needed’, this
will send you back to base and heal you if you were incapacitated.

At the Squad resupply pad you can walk up to the trolley, an option to ‘Get a supply box’ will
appear, clicking this will spawn one in the middle of the circle, you can fill this up with what
you like, but you could also fill it up with squad supplies by walking up to it and clicking ‘Fill
with squad supplies’ from the scroll wheel. You can tow the box with any helicopter, the crate
is invincible and will not be destroyed if dropped.

On this server, you as a pilot are also a soldier, you are expected to go out on the field with
you squad and fight alongside them. A good rule of thumb is to go AT if there is none, if there
is, go AA, if there is that as well ,go ahead and go ammo beared or autorifleman.

Repairing, refueling and rearming of the helicopter can be done at one of the repair pads,
near the helicopter spawn, or at the bobcats. Fly onto a repair pad, the one with the three
HEMTT’s around it, land there and look at the trucks to repair and rearm the chopper from the
chopper. You can also move the bobcats by getting into the driver's seat. Drive the bobcat in
front of the helicopter, than go in the helicopter and the option to refuel, repair or rearm should

A good altitude to cruise at is 30 meters above the ground. You’ll have to dodge power lines
and some buildings, but that is not that difficult to do. This altitude allows you to drop down
when a threat, like AA or a jet, appears. When you get locked on to or jets are approaching
you, drop the ammo crate if you have one, pop flares and drop down to as far as you can
comfortably fly at, the lower the better. If any object, even a pole, gets between you and that
threat, they lose the lock. So weave around object, zigzag, and pop flares often.

Don't drop the crate when moving really fast, anything can bounce in arma, more often than
not, the crate will get far from where you intended to drop it. Fly over the drop zone, lose
speed, drop it and get out.

Put some ammo in the chopper as well, in case you lose the crate, it’s always a nice failsafe
to have.

To land on slopes, approach the LZ with bit of speed, this will roll the helicopter up the hill a
bit, and then it will either stop, or start sliding, if that happens the angle of the LZ is too steep,
take back of and find a different LZ.

For paradropping, fly as fast in a straight line over the AO at least 500 meters above the

If in any situation, you back roter gets damaged you could lose control over the helicopter,
you best bet is to crash land in the water.