UAV Operator Basics

Below are three sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic information
As the UAV operator, you mostly provide recon and designate targets from the comfort of
base. You also have a strike drone, the MQ-4A, which has access to air-to-ground missiles.

Controls for the piloting of the aircraft are by default as follows: W and S control the pitch of
the aircraft (nose up and nose down). A and D control the roll of the aircraft (turning to the
side). Q and E control the yaw of the aircraft (spinning vertically). Shift and Z are used for
controlling the throttle (going faster and slower). C is for flares. X is for air brakes. Use the
numbers at the top of you keyboard to switch weapons. Targeting on the radar can be done
using ‘R’ and ‘T’. The rest can be found in your scroll wheel.

You can access the UAV terminal via the scroll wheel, this will open up a computer with a
picture of the map. Here you can select the UAV on the bar with the downward arrow (V) and
access the driver's seat, this will allow you to manually move you UAV. Once your UAV is in
the air, open the UAV terminal, and set a waypoint on the map in the terminal (‘Ctrl + M1’), a
blue arrow will appear to confirm it. If you right click at the tip of the arrow, a menu will appear.
The important part is, by default it is ‘Move’, and if you want it to circle the point of the arrow,
set it to ‘Loiter’ under ‘Types’. You can also set the altitude, the higher, the less likely you are
of detection.

Once the path is set out, you can access the gunner seat of the UAV, this will not interfere
with the flight path. It gives you access to a spotter camera which has thermals and night
vision (cycle using ‘N’), and a laser designator (can be found by clicking the numbers at the
top of your keyboard). The camera can be focused on the point you are looking at if you click
‘Ctrl + T’.

Most UAVs only have a laser designator, but the MQ-4A Greyhawk also has access to 6
Skalpel ATGM. These can lock onto laser designator targets, and has great armour


Flight Paths for base

You can support infantry squads, but they have to request you using their scroll wheel. Once
attached you can go over to their AO with your UAV and help them out, you’ll also be able to
hear their group comms. Once done helping, that squad can detach you or you can detach
yourself using the ‘End support’ button.

The MQ-4A Greyhawk and the base Radar are the only UAV you have access to normally.
The squad that you are supporting has to bring UAV bags, if you want to use those types of
drones. Spawning them inside the base, they will get removed before leaving the base.

You don't have to be attached to a squad to help them out, as long as you don't bother them
by killing their targets or flying low. You can provide recon and alert them of enemies coming
up on them, or help them look for enemies.

Repairing, refueling and rearming of the drone can be done at the bobcats. Land normally
and taxi over to one of the bobcats east of the runway. You can also move the bobcats by
getting into the driver's seat. Drive the bobcat in front of the UAV, than go in the driver spot
and the option to refuel, repair or rearm should appear.

Tips A higher altitude makes it more difficult to spot targets, but makes you more difficult to spot.
Find a balance between stealth and utility.

You don’t have to kill targets yourself, as you have little ordnance. Work with friendly CAS and
artillery, and paint targets for them using the laser designator. If possible, preserve your
ammo for emergencies.