Video Settings and Performance

Below are five sections of information generated from our experiences in arma.
Some you can use just about anywhere, some are specific to our server.

Basic Information
Video settings are the most important when it comes to your game performance, FPS amount
and stability. They are the most affecting settings, where slight changes may decide if you can
play smoothly. You also need to keep in mind that setting them wrong may result in your
computer not handling it, or you won’t be able to tell a guy from a bush.

Video settings explained
Sampling – Affects overall quality. Percent amount means how many pixels will be rendered,
which means that when you lower it, your screen will become blurry and not sharp. Most drastic
setting but affects performance in the most visible way.
Texture – Affects overall quality of textures present in game. The higher the setting is, the more
details you can see in for instance tree bark.
Objects – Affects overall object quality. Object is everything present in game, they are weapons,
clothing, foliage and buildings. Lowering the setting will make objects get simpler shapes.
Terrain – Affects quality of terrain. Terrains aren’t customizable part of Arma and it affects if
you’ll be able to see dirt and grass.
Shadow – Another powerful setting which takes a lot of assets. Indicates the quality of shadows.
Particles – Setting connected will explosions and crashes. The higher the setting is, the more
and cleaner you’ll see dirt getting blown in the air after explosion, or hunter parts being launched
in every direction.
Cloud – Affects clouds quality. The higher the setting is, the more realistic clouds you see.
PIP – Affects quality of signs, TV transmissions, and most importantly the instruments
in vehicles.
HDR – Responsible for bloom effects and other connected with lights. Another setting highly
affecting performance.
Dynamic lights – Affects the quality of in example car headlights, helicopter lights and
Visibility – In this tab you can set the number amount for distance on which you can see:
Overall – Sets the distance where you see without a fog.
Object – Sets the distance at which you can see buildings and foliage.
Shadow – Distance at which you can see shadows.
Anti Aliasing – There are two sliders, FSAA and PPAA responsible for Anti Aliasing:
FSAA – Has the biggest impact on performance from these two. Smoothens the edges of
everything. The higher the setting is the more powerful computer it will need.
PPAA – Has smaller affect on performance but sometimes can look blurry or cause small
artifacts. There are three main settings for PPAA:
- SMAA – The best looking but needing strong computer.
- FXAA – Blurry and sometimes causes small artifacts, but has the least impact on
- CMAA – Something between these above, optimized for integrated GPUs

Example of Video Settings
The images below are from a PC running Nvidia 750 TI, 32 gb ram, SSD, 3.5 GHz I5 CPU, and located in the US on the East coast
This PC is considered medium or just alright but can still get acceptable frames on our heavy servers.

The images below are from a Laptop running factory video card, 16 gb ram, SSD, 1.7 GHz I5 CPU, and located in the US on the East coast
This Laptop is considered low or just bad but can still get acceptable frames on our heavy servers.

Performance and the area you’re in
You’ll sometimes encounter situations when once you can play smoothly on 60FPS and then
after helicopter flight you get 20FPS. That can be caused by:
- The type of terrain you’re on – The more objects there is to render, the higher impact it will have
on your performance, so you will get less FPS in forest than on planes.
- The amount of enemies you’re facing – Sometimes there is happening a lot with you being
surrounded by enemies. Their number also dictates how many FPS you are getting.
- The amount of objects around you – Big amount of houses, furniture, barricades affects your
performance too.

Check these out if your still having FPS issues.
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On this server, every role has its own view distance. The amount is chosen with caution to not
enforce FPS drops on computers, but also to give them reasonable view distance.
After requesting a mission, as a squad lead you can encounter small lag. It’s not your hardware
issue, it can be caused by mission being spawned in.