Opfor Gameplay


We have 6 Opfor slots to add an element of PVP to the server.
Their abilities are limited and the gameplay is designed not to ruin Coop Gameplay.
Below is how it works

On Join

You spawn at the Alits Military Detention center.
Here you are frozen and unable to do anything except use your scroll wheel.


When you join you are added to any on going SpecOp or JointOp missions.
There can only be one Opfor per SpecOp mission.
If there are no missions when you join then you will wait at the detention area until Bluefor Requests a SpecOp mission.
You will be randomly selected from the other idle Opfor players to be assigned to the SpecOp mission.


When you get assigned to a mission you take the place of an AI that is in the Mission.
Every Time you get incapaciated you get switched to another Valid AI in the mission.
You will not take the place of HVTs, Civis, or AI specified as non player who are mission essential.
If squads of multiple AI units are available then you will be assigned to them first as squad leader.
You will be able to order them around.
If your lucky there may be crates in your mission to change your kit.
It is possible for you to take the place of AI in vehicles. Hope you know how to fly.
You will not be allowed to leave the AO. if you try to then you will be sent back to the Altis Military Detention area and lose your chance at the mission.
You can only drive Opfor vehicles.
You get punished and eventually kicked for killing friendlies and Civilians.