Other Fun Groups

New Transatlantic Coalition, Casual Milsim

Operation Times: Usually Saturday, usually around 6 PM GMT
Operation Types: Custom, story driven co-op Zeus missions
Additional Info: An international, semi-realistic unit. Any nationality, any skill level can join, and we'll get you set up and integrated.
Strict attendance is not mandatory, and minimal training is only mandatory for certain specialized roles.
Required Mods: Modlist provided in Discord (Roughly 20 mods)
Unit page: Click Here
Steam Group: Click Here
Discord:Click Here

Task Force Fun [TFF]

Branch: Semi-Realism
Server: US based with large European presence
Language: English
Short Introduction:
TFF is a group playing ARMA for fun. We do not use ranks seriously, or lock people into a single role for any periods of time.
We follow a chain of command only inside operations and roles are reserved ahead of time, through a "Roster" file.
Limitations are only applied to certain roles such as advanced Leadership, the rest are free to grab, some, based on a "priority queue system".
We select campaigns using a community vote, for around 4-8 week period of time, so themes and time periods vary a lot.

Operation Times:
Main content at 22:00 UTC Fridays
Secondary around 21:00 UTC Saturday (not regular)

Varies based on current campaign, but always: ACE3 and extensions, WMO, ShackTac, Enhanced Movement, ASR AI3 and TFAR

Unit Page: Click Here
Discord: Click Here
Steam Group: Click Here