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New Transatlantic Coalition, Casual Milsim

Operation Times: Usually Saturday, usually around 6 PM GMT
Operation Types: Custom, story driven co-op Zeus missions
Additional Info: An international, semi-realistic unit. Any nationality, any skill level can join, and we'll get you set up and integrated.
Strict attendance is not mandatory, and minimal training is only mandatory for certain specialized roles.
Required Mods: Modlist provided in Discord (Roughly 20 mods)
Unit page: Click Here
Steam Group: Click Here
Discord:Click Here


About Us
Cerberus is an Arma 3 unit focused on a players experience. We specialize in lost of variety of missions. We have Amazing briefs and mission / mission makers / zeuses! Cerberus is an Arma 3 Mercenary Unit that was established in 2020.

We prefer our members to be 16+ But if you are 13 or older and think you are mature enough don't be afraid to join!

Will be given in our discord.
Branch: Cerberus is an Semi Milsim unit. (No complex Ranking system)

Mission / OP time
We usually host our OPS at 5PM CST (US Central Time)

How often is ops hosted?
We can host up to 4 Times a week. But mostly only host 2 Times a week. Wednesday's : Training OPS

Unit link
Recruitment Video