Server Overview


Altis JSOC is a coalition created to support the Altis Government with repelling foreign Hostiles, countering Domestic Terrorism, and disrupting Criminal elements.
JSOC stands for Joint Special Operations Command.


We provide SpecOps and AirOps for players looking for a more immersive experience without stress.
We don't allow clint side mods because of the stress that it causes the player and server.
Instead we work hard to add what we can to the Mission File and the Server Side Mod.
Our focus for game-play is on immersion, team work, and grief prevention.
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Essential in-game Information

• This Server is not anything like an Invade and Annex Server!
• Big Green Huron containers are Arsenals.
• We use the Lobby to select Squad and Role.
• There are no in-game 3D Markers/Tasks/Waypoints.
• Use your compass, Laser Designator and map.
• There is no Third Person.
• Only Aircraft personnel can respawn back at base. No one gets left behind!
• The server automatically kicks players till restart for griefing.
• Read the Server Rules.


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